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never picture3d self in an white gown for wedding but this is perfect. I love black n red wedding dresses but if I could this would b mine. #1 pick for me!~

Coolest shot glass I have ever seen.

hermione granger - Harry Potter<<<< I read it in the voices. 1) IMMOBULUS 2) stupefy! 3) finite incantatem( with extra pronunciation on the t's) 4) pretrificus totalus( rushed and a little scared) 5) BOMBARDA ( emphasis on the b's) 6) oculus reparo( very confident and rehearsed) 7) lacarnum inflamara ( in a whisper) 8) obliviate ( in that strangeled voice) the end almost killed me

Catwoman (a.k.a Selina Kyle) is a main villain of the DC Comic's Batman franchise. Created by Bob Finger and Bob Kane. Catwoman is a burglar and a jewel thief who dresses like a black cat and carries a bullwhip as a tool or sometimes a weapon. Even though being a supervillainess, she sometimes allies Batman and even poses as a love interest. Despite being a villain, she refuses to kill innocent people.