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DIY - Knit Beanie from Old Sweater This one is super easy. Like literally 5min project. Turns out surprisingly well, and you know what? You can probably make a better one too!

Before I show you this tutorial, let me talk about myself and clothing a little bit. As I mentioned before, I like clothes. In fact, I li...

It’s starting to get cold in some places and you are probably going to be pulling out those old sweaters. Some are good to keep, but what do you use the really old ones for? This girl shows you how to make a beanie from an old sweater. Check it out. You only need 4 …

Home Made Sweatshirt Idea | Practical Enrichment - more → http://fashiononlinepictures.blogspot.com/2013/08/home-made-sweatshirt-idea-practical.html

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