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Before and after the greens mask!

Want To Try An Easy Facial Mask?? It Works Greens Mixed With It Works Preventage or Water! Refreshingly Awesome! Visit my website at

Step One: An easy mixture of It Works Greens and It Works Defining Gel. This mask has done wonders for my complexion. * Reduces fine lines and sun damage (Defining Gel * Clears up existing acne (Greens) * Heals old acne scars/spots (Defining Gel and Greens) * Helps heal ezema (Defining Gel and Greens) * Reduces the apperance of veins and redness (Defining Gel)

LIKE: Macadamia Oil Natural Deep Repair Masque. It makes hair soft but I can't justify price. Still searching for alternative.

It Works Defining Gel and It Works Greens for a facial mask. Call or Text us @801-319-6169

this works, Baking soda, you can also mix it in with your facewash to make a mask, or with some salt and remove those stubborn blackheads on your nose

The Greens Facial using Defining Gel and Greens products by It Works! Global. Mix together 1 scoop of Greens and a dime-sized amount of Defining Gel and water. Apply to face, relax for 30 minutes, rinse and you are done! Loyal Customer price of $28 for Greens and $45 for Defining Gel.

It Works has something for everyone. Those Crazy Wraps! Wrap.Remove.Reboot!!! Ultimate Body application, greens on the go in Berry and Orange ,, Fat Fighters, Thermo fit, Defining Gel, Greens Chew, Cleanser, Facial deep hydration mask, It works Wow wipes out wrinkles, exfoliate until takes it all off, lips and I moisturizing cream gel, and many many more. Check out @ ItworksAlicia7.Myitworks

www:// All natural face mask! Add one packet of it works GREENS to a teaspoon of defining gel. Banish acne while toning and tightening your skin!

Green It Works Facial Greens + Defining Gel reduces acne, reduces fine lines, reduces blemishes & revitalizes skin go to