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So, basically, if we took the money we are spending on making movies about space and actually put it towards our space program, we'd probably have colonies in outer space and have discovered alien life?

ციფრული მარკეტინგი – რაშია მთელი “ფიშკა”

This diagram shows our cosmic address at a glance. We see our planetary system around the Sun, our stellar neighborhood in our galaxy, our galaxy in the local group of galaxies, and our group in the entire universe.

I like the consistency of rainbow color and abstract shapes that are continuously shown in every page.

Vampires having a break. #blood #refreshing #Office #vampire . High resolution (1920x1080) wallpaper of this image available at http://www.mindblowingpicture.com/wallpaper/minimalism/wp242zne.html

Love the "beachy" feel of this E-book. Might be good to continue my "surf-wellness" theme.

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