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one of my own favorites by Mr. Strand -

Okay, on 11/6/10 I did a ~50 poetry show in Lake Villa IL to music called "Sexism and other stories", and in this show I had videos everywhere - two small screens of art randomly appearing, relevant videos on the main screen, and even a video filming me (Janet Kuypers) and simultaneously broadcasting it on a large TV screen. Well, today I released some videos from that show... On 11/9/10 I uploaded YouTube video playing in the background when I read my poem "Death is a Dog" (video of my…


Not learning this one behavior could put your dog’s LIFE in danger

A dog's last will and testament.

This made me weep...............This was a piece a woman did for her schnauzer..........He told her so...she posted it to share...( I'm sure she loves and misses him still!)

Poems - Bereavement Support - Remembering Your Pet

This is a tear jerker...I have put down two dachshunds and I still talk about them and miss them. I have a grey rescue dachshund now and she is so loveable.-DK

good old dog ~ oh my I actually cried. Your pace is slowing, time is wearing thin, You won't be here for long - Old Dog I'll miss your grin. But before you go there is one thing to say, Old Dog, I Love You and I'll miss you the rest of my days and it's been an honor to walk across this land with your faithful head right at my hand. ~ Savana Frame

I think of my amazing boxer when I read this. So fresh in my mind of holding him... While his last breath he took... He saved my life so many times... How could I not save his!

Marco, my dear little furry love, I miss you more and more each day.

Snoopy Holding Dog Dish on His Head With Woodstock inside Reading Book