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One of the most beautiful in the world. It took eight million red bricks to make architect Ragnar Östberg’s vision come true in 1923. The venue for the annual Nobel Prize award ceremony dinner in December. At the southeastern tip of Kungsholmen island. Hard to miss.

Stockholm City Hall/Ragnar Östberg

Het #stadhuis is ontworpen door Ragnar Östberg, Zwedens bekendste architect. Het gebouw dat pal aan het water staat, is opgetrokken uit meer dan acht miljoen dieprode stenen en negentien miljoen mozaïektegels. #Stockholm

Bergen, Norway. Loved the city so much we named our first dog after it!

from Foursquare

Apple Fifth Avenue

Apple Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue, New York City

Ragnar Östberg, the architect behind the City Hall, had the idea that the founder of Stockholm, Birger Jarl, should be buried on the grounds of the City Hall. When he thought of this idea Birger Jarl had already been buried for approx. 657 years and no one else seemed to sympathize with Ragnar Östberg grand plans. The existing coffin is empty.