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Orphaned Baby Koala Story Has A Happy Ending~this is the koala I adopted!

Orphaned Baby Koala Story Has A Happy Ending

A simply adorable Koala bear!

Sleeping Koala - they must all have 'Sweet Dreams' because they always smile when asleep


Adorable koala - cute little tongue! A koala has two thumbs and three fingers on each of their front paws.

Baby Koala

Baby Koala

Koala numbers reached a low point in the 1930s, when hunting for the fur trade made many local populations extinct, including that in South Australia. Other factors in their decline included land clearing, disease, fire and drought. Whilst the koala population as a whole has recovered somewhat since then, its current conservation status varies across its range.

A happy Koala Bear. awww koala's are my all time favorite wild animal

Koala Bears.. sweetest things!

Aussie koala’s and full of love!////And asswhips want an underground railroad to steal children from Gay parents?

Current mood = sleepy? Drop in for a koala-ity coffee now! #velvetbyronbay

Funny pictures about Sleepy baby koala. Oh, and cool pics about Sleepy baby koala. Also, Sleepy baby koala.