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Doreen, Esther’s friend in New York, a beautiful blonde, outspoken girl. Esther is jealous of Doreen’s ease in social situations, and the two share a witty, cynical perspective on their position as guest editors for a fashion magazine. Doreen represents a rebellion against societal convention that Esther admires but cannot entirely embrace.

Here is a picture of Mrs Greenwood, Esther's mother. She is hard-working, striving to provide for her children after Esther's father died without any life insurance. She falls out with Esther because she is very concerned with "keeping up appearances", embarrassed that Esther was in hospital with mental illness, rather than giving her genuine concern for her health.

Jameson Parker. He was Esther’s college boyfriend, he is a handsome, intellectual, sporty man. He graduated from Yale, and went onto medical school. He cares about Esthe, yet doesn't understand her interest in poetry. He has traditional opinions about women’s roles. He becomes a symbol for what Esther (according to society) should want, but she doesn't

Poor gal killed herself. I am not so keen that she put her head in a gas stove while her kids were sleeping. That pisses me off.