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"All the angels are named Erika" -Night Vale welcome to night vale art: Photo

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Innovative Blind Contour Portrait "With Flair!" - LP, PPT, & Rubric

The only blind contour lesson you will need!! Complete lesson, 16 page step by step power point included, examples of student work and grading rubric. Add some "Flair" to a life drawing tool that can be developed into fully executed masterworks. Appropriate for Art 1 students grades 9-12, or any first year art student.

Hello citizens, I'm Cecil Baldwin. I'm the voice of the Night Vale radio station. You can find my there mostly if I'm not with Carlos. Oh Carlos, with his perfect hair. He's so perfect and I love him and... Uh sorry. Anyway, if something strange happens, call me.

What I like: I like how each person has his/her own characteristics and the corresponding items in the pictures. It is cute and interesting way to present profile of someone, rather than a mere portrait of someone. Where we could use this: when we are doing interviews with a specific person in the campus or a student. We could pick the characteristics of that person and design it with cute images and photoshop items in. (Kyuree Kim)

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L is for Lake Monster

i'd like a loch ness hoopla. this is a cute nessy iamge, but i really only need it to be recognizable as loch ness

Upset Body Worksheet to help kids with ASD |

Rookie Mag, Friday Playlist - Hanging out with Rory Gilmore, Illustration by Minna.

This is perfect! The Kandinsky Effect To be used to introduce large Kandinsky inspired abstracts for k prep