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"The wolf/dog" protecting Soo from the rain during her kneeling protest...I can't remember the episode...the artist nailed it though!

Dan Right...✔✔✔ Way to GO BUCKEYES! ! #BeatTTUN ✔✔ What A Win

That's was exactly what I was thinking when I first saw the big "A" on Daryl's shirt.

Day 22- Something you want to find out. At the point I am currently on we know nothing about Will except that he was a merry man. I want to know who he really is and what part he is going to play as at the minute he's just in parts and hasn't been significant.

"Mini-stroke? You can't just gloss over that like that. What does it mean?" - Cisco, Caitlin and Barry #TheFlash

"What kind of powers?" - Iris, Joe and Caitlin #TheFlash

WHHAAATTT I always that ran and scarlet were little red riding hood not her and wolf but I never thought about the beauty and the beast part