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Donovan Lestat - 23; main charrie; Reaper; comes off as your typical moody, brooding bad-boy, but he's actually a decent human being once you get past his unpleasant exterior; objective(s): to get rid of Ava's mother's spirit & reseal the gates to the Slip.

*SETHUR, possibly meaning 'hidden;' from the tribe of Asher; one of the 12 spies sent out to scout the Promised Land for the Israelite nation. Unfortunately, Sethur was too frightened of the giants in Canaan to believe the Lord's promises.

It's the last Tuesday of I'd like to say thank you for always being there every week...drooling and swooning with me over these hot sexy stunning men!;) Cheers for a great year! I wish everyone a prosperous New Year! Happy 2015 peeps!!! Laters, x gel

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He has two different color eyes! cover one and see if you like him with blue or brown eyes better

Hey I'm Lily, I'm 17 from the uk 😊 I consider myself to be a very down to earth girl; you can decide that for yourself. I'm always here for you all and, If you ever need any advice please feel free to inbox me 💗🌸