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Cape May, NJ. I have never been here, but several of hubby's siblings go every year and simply rave about this charming beach.

Taj Mahal, India. I have always been fascinated with The Taj Mahal's spiritual beauty. I consider this structure to be the greatest wonder of the world.

Are you on a low carb diet, but have been craving pizza? No matter which way you slice it, there is just a special place for pizza in our hearts. Gooey mozzarella cheese, yummy crust, tasty pepperoni and that bubbling sauce makes us hungry anytime we think of pizza. If you have a low-carb lifestyle …

This recipe has been a favorite of my family since my kids were very small. It was one of the meals I could make that EVERYONE liked. Over the years I have changed a few things to make it easier. Here is what I do: Fill a pot with water and bring to …

Tennis Balls Meet Panty Hose. Simple place a pair of panty hose on the dad’s head (after you put one tennis ball in each end). Referee says go and they try to knock over water bottles with their tennis balls using their bodies/heads to move the balls.

China Beach Carmel. One of our favorite colors in the natural world. This color has been and will remain a popular for interiors. Why? Once you have seen this mesmerizing color in person, no matter what beach, you're hooked. It locks itself in your subconscious as a color of tranquility, peace, and beauty. Exhibit A here.

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