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This is a table called “Target Table”, consisting of a target for arrows as a shelf and arrows, very thick between them, which are the table legs.

Detoxing can be hard on your body and cause a wide variety of alarming side effects. After all, the substances being removed are usually pretty horrible, consisting of toxic chemicals from pesticide residues, by-products of GMO foods, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy residue, free-radicals, heavy metals, aluminum, radiation.

14-04-01 A commissioned piece consisting of an elaborately pierced and carved motif of arabesques and chrysanthemums. Steel plate with copper sekigane. Omote side. Private collection (TS), Canada.

14-05-01 A commissioned piece consisting of an inlaid and carved motif of sea birds and rolling waves. Steel plate with copper sekigane, shakudo bird on omote, fine silver dot inlay. Omote side. Private collection (GK), USA.


Middle Stainless Steel Plate Rack

A beautifully simple plate rack consisting of hooks, slots and shelves,This product works well on its own. But two can be put side by side for more impact!This utilitarian plate rack is a timeless kitchen storage unit that consists of: 5 Slots for main plates. They are large and can actually hold at least 10 plates if you double them up. 5 Slots for side plates. Can also double up to hold at least 10. 4 Cup/utensil hooks 3 Shelves 6 Cutlery slotsStainless steel. The plate racks are hand cut…

13-08-01 A commissioned piece consisting of an irregularly-raised rim, textured plate and finely-pierced ken-katabami mon. Steel plate with copper sekigane. Omote side. Private collection (OY), Canada.

Mill Cart End Table:With its distressed elm top and iron frame on wheels this industrial end table is reminiscent of the work carts used in old brick mills. The added interest of the X braced base consisting of distressed metal help make this table a focal point in any room.

This piece has one of my favorite symmetry groups, consisting of only the three 180° rotations about the axes.