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Back of the card from my Doctor Who retheme of 6 Nimmt!/Category 5/The Walking Dead Card Game. As with most of my rethemes I've changed the name to Geronimo! I understand that Nimmt loosely translates to "take" in English and while there is no Doctor Who word or phrase that uses the word "take" (it's not really a "take" kind of show), I thought Geronimo kind of fit. I put an exclamation point at the end to match the original game.

Sample of some of the cards I created with my wife that lets you help who should go first when you play games. We call these 1st Player Cards. My wife and I came up with more than 400 different cards.

Yeah, I might need this. -- Doctor Who Bad Wolf Vinyl Decal by ECKDesigns on Etsy, $6.00 (white)

Legal tender in all the verse (appears in a few different languages). A bit of an homage to the best show in TV history (Firefly). Close of the detail on the cards in my For Sale retheme.