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Slate-Colored Junco

Roufous sided Towhee- Kind of big for the bird feeders, they enjoy ground feeding most of all, and try to dredge up seeds off the ground with their dancing. I'm mesmerized by their rust, black and white feathers and easy to imitate whistle. I heard several and saw 2 at Fontanel's greenway trails in Whites Creek, near Nashville this weekend, 03-01-2014.

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Mama Birds Feeding Baby Birds: 8 Heart Warming Photos

American Robin or North American Robin (Turdus migratorius) parents feeding young, is a migratory songbird of the thrush family. The American Robin is widely distributed throughout North America, wintering south of Canada from Florida to central Mexico and along the Pacific Coast. It is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Hairy Woodpecker 7/15/12 7/19/12 Common visitor in winter. Very hard to tell from the Downy Woodpecker (downys have white marks on the sides of their tails, hairys don't).

I've said it before, but I will say it again, the Cardinal is truly one of my favorite species of birds. I just love the color combination.