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Bamboletta dolls - The quality of a Bamboletta doll is difficult to find, & the details of their face & hair is almost impossible to match. Each doll face has the detail of a plastic doll– but they're handstitched & made wit natural cotton. The finest materials have been sourced, it’s why they stand out so easily compared to mainstream dolls. 15 hours of dedicated work goes into each doll – hand stuffed with top quality wool that naturally repels water & mold.

Bamboletta — Sitting Friend - Echo -Rosalyn's Girl Oct 11/13

Not a staff pic but a doll giveaway we are doing with Living Crafts magazine! Isn't she sweet?

This is Maddie. She has sunkissed skin, long hair made with mohair and wool yarns in a brown and ginger color with dark ginger mohair and regular brown dreadlocks and brown eyes. She is wearing the pictured outfit, underpants and wool felt shoes.

from Bamboletta

Cuddle Doll - Maisy

Bamboletta Dolls "Sitting Friend - Beatrice"

Bamboletta — Sitting Friend - Abella

FRÖKEN SKICKLIG [fr'ö:ken ²sj'ik:lig]