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What's For Dinner? is a short documentary that provides a unique look into the rapidly growing consumption of meat and other animal products in China. Through interactions with a range of people within Chinese society, the film examines the impacts this monumental dietary shift is having in terms of sustainability, climate change, public health, food security, and animal welfare. Trailer music "UISTS" courtesy of XPURM.

#Boxwars is a fast-growing entertainment phenomenon that takes the childhood pastime of playing with #cardboard #boxes to a whole new level. Participants use reclaimed cardboard to create the full range of battle gear – armour, weapons, monster trucks, tanks, gigantic animals, and more. Then they put on monumental battle shows during which every creation is completely destroyed!

The way governments around the world view meat and dairy is changing. Recently the UK government recommended citizens consume less dairy the Netherlands released a set of dietary guidelines that recommends limits on meat due to sustainability concerns. And now in a monumental announcement the Chinese government released a new set of dietary guidelines that have the potential to see the countrys consumption of meat drop by a whopping 50 percent. The Chinese Ministry of Health the…

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The Wonderful World of Country Cardboardia

Country Cardboardia materialize in unexpected places all over the world - in a few days the whole city grows. Square, theaters, monuments, libraries, winding streets, exotic animals, the national game, that is all what you can find, after crossing the border and getting visa.

Trees Can Grow In The Air, A tree that is growing in mid air on a pile of rocks. The roots growing down through the stones to find the earth. #photo #photography #travel

Effigy Mounds National Monument [] is a group of prehistoric American Indian burial and ceremonial mounds located near Marquette in northeast Iowa. The mounds — shaped like birds and animals between 500 B.C. and 1300 A.D. — form the sacred centerpiece of a 2,526-acre forest along the Mississippi River bluffs. Natural resources include 11 miles of hiking trails, tallgrass prairie and wetlands.

A seed deposited on the top of one of the temples at Angkor Wat has found a way to sprout and grow with no contact with the earth for water and nutrients. #photo #photography #travel

Animals in War Memorial, Brook Gate, Park Lane, London W1 tribute to all the animals that served, suffered and died alongside the British and Allied forces in the wars and conflicts of the 20th century.