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kimmmieeee! kim! kimster! i love her, she hasn't had plstc sgry HER BODY PARTS ALL REEL its a gr8 show & she's naturally gorgeous so JUST DEAL WITH IT H8TERS. but does she qualify as Role Model of the year? if you get a sex tape leaked, you should be crawling under your bed FO LIFE & preferably, sanely NOT be attention whoring yourself out there with a friggin reality show & "family empire" . anway Kim Kardashian...candidate for Role Model of the Year!

I often do smokey eyes but nude lipstick is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine<3 Blessed with exotic features to pull off a Cleopatra look<3

Model moment: Backstage, Joan posed with fellow Victoria's Secret model and good friend Kendall Jenner, who looked equally as sexy in a lacy red lingerie set

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