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The lessons in this book may be used when studying about Weather. The lessons can be used individually or collected and put in a book for each child. The lessons are: Sunny Weather, Cloudy Weather, Rainy Weather, Foggy Weather, Windy Weather, Snowy Weather and a Cover.

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Indoor swing set for the boys- I think so! What a great way for them to stay active in the windy, cold Laramie winters!

Under The Weather Personal Pop-Up Sports Tent - I've been saying that this should be invented for years. :-)

The Singing Walrus presents "Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow", a fun folk song for children that explains different types of weather. In each verse, our cute characters set out in their balloon to explore all the fun things you can do when it's sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy. This is a great introduction for children to learn about the 4 seasons. ESL teachers can pair the weather words with the season - e.g. "sunny" with "summer", "rainy" with "spring", "windy" with "fall", and "snowy" with…

Download Hows the weather? rainy. sunny. windy. (weather) English song for Kids Sing a song loudly