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PLEASE!!! I need signatures to override a bullfighting festival in Elche, where they have not had bullfighting for 30 years and now want to return it.....ía-8-de-junio# Death and pain are not an entertainment! Bullying an animal is not bravery! Bullfighting is a show of cowardice and cruelty and ignorance.

Laughed so hard we pulled muscles. Love Gazillionaire, Penny, and all of the acrobat acts. Singer was superfluous, but every show needs a cute girl. The VIP section did not look worth it - from row D we saw it all and would see it again (especially with all of the 20 and 25 dollar discounts out there)!

Growing up as an orphan must be a hard thing. And definitely living in orphanages and fosters is not the life that every child dreams of. However, being an orphan does not mean that this is the end. Many orphans out there have been adopted and lived happily with their new nonbiological parents. Here are…

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Are You Getting Laid This Valentine's Day?

I got You're DEFINITELY not getting laid tonight!! Are You Getting Laid This Valentine's Day? Buzzfeed

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 1975 - While not the first midnight movie as many believe, RHPS is the most successful, with a few theaters still showing the cult classic some 30+ years after original release. Sadly, if you are going to enjoy the film, you really need to experience it in its full audience-participation glory and that is increasingly hard to come by.

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Pit bull that had legs amputated after horrific abuse is allowed into court to see its tormentors stand trial for animal cruelty (after being fitted with a dog wheelchair)

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Sick! Bullfighting is thought to prove Machisimo/Bravado, but it actually proves how cowardly Humans can be.