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19 Honest Marriage Vows For New Couples On The Wedding

Below are 4 Honest Marriage Vows That Should Be Made On The Wedding: 1. I vow to always move your shoes out of the middle of the floor, no matter how many times a day your feet decide to leave them there. 2. I promise not to spoil ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ for you — unless you seriously annoy me. 3. I promise to always listen, even when you ramble.

{meet your seller}

{meet your seller} Hello, I'm Julia! I am petite at 5 feet. I'm a fashion blogger- see me @ Little Miss Haute Couture •• I'm a vegan California girl, who loves sunshine! ☀️ I love to wear all things preppy, classy, and nautical. Yoga🌿, baking🍪, sailing⛵️, and shopping👗 are all I need to be happy. Oh, and love. 💕 {went vegan this year and I am now using Posh to sell all my leather/animal products} Little Miss Haute Couture Other

Jun 25 Baby Potatoes with Seroendeng

Happy Midsummer dear friends. If you embraced the old pagan summer solstice celebration in a true nature child spirit you might have felt dewy grass under your feet, danced around a may pole or placed seven different sorts of flowers under your pillow to have your dreams reveal the face of your true love. On the Scandinavian midsummer table you'll almost always find a baby potato salad like this one . New potatoes are the royalty of potatoes, much more tender and delicate than the…

Genuine Leather Ankle Boot Moccasin (The Happy Traveler)

Genuine Leather Ankle Boot Moccasin (The Happy Traveler) I'm buying these bastards ASAP!

Every Step You Take Vegan Flat in Ice

Every Step You Take Vegan Flat in Ice | Mod Retro Vintage Flats | Each time you go for a walk in these velvet flats, their spirited panache can be seen in the bounce of your every stride! Pale blue in color and strapped 'round the ankles with silver buckles, this ModCloth-exclusive pair is ready to make you happy for miles.

💃🏻Cute T-Strap RED Canvas Sandal- like new💥💥

💃🏻Cute T-Strap RED Canvas Sandal- like new💥💥 A T-strap sandal that is flattering, the Rocket Dog Oak will have you feeling and looking great. Canvas upper T-strap with vegan floral woven t-bar heels that are airy and sweet with a fairly open weave to keep your feet happy and a lovely retro-style floral pattern. ONLY WORN TWICE Rocket Dog Shoes Sandals

So your wedding shoe budget is under $50 — WE CAN DO THIS

Greet your friends with a simple kick of these vegan faux-leather flats! In a smile-inspiring rose hue, these cutesy shoes tout sheer white mesh trim that waves along this piped pair. Say, "Hi" to the sweetest style ever!