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Instead of making your subject the center of your photo, try placing them off to the side using the rule of thirds for a more interesting photo. Under the display settings on a DSLR you can even add a grid for a more precise picture. Get the tips and equipment you need at Best Buy®.

Portrait photo tips and rule of thirds

Action shots are a great way to add variety to an album. Instead of staging every shot with your subjects posing or standing still, try to capture natural action and your guests genuinely interacting for more interesting photos. Get geared up for your next event with equipment and tips from Best Buy®.

Don’t just take pictures of games—create an interesting album by taking a picture of your kid in their uniform every week and compile them all together at the end of the season. Get the tips and equipment you need to capture their team spirit at Best Buy®.

Look for natural frames like doorways, windows, bridges, and arches to create a detailed composition for your subject. You can bring focus to your subject while creatively adding depth to your photo. Get ready for your trip and your next vacation album and see more tips at Best Buy®.

Set up your DSLR or GoPro to capture a day during your vacation with a unique HD time-lapse. Remember your vacation in a creative way by capturing clouds cascading over the mountains or a beautiful sunset. Get everything you need to capture every moment and see more tips at Best Buy®.

Use a camera with a built-in GPS to retrace your steps. Geotag your photos to remember exactly where you were standing when you snapped that amazing photo. Set yourself up for a vacation you won’t forget with all the right gear and photo tips from Best Buy®.

Bring your camera angle down a notch for a better perspective and a better picture. Get on the same level with your subject and use a nice foreground element like blades of grass for a greater depth-of-field and create a more complete composition. Get the lenses, camera equipment and tips you need for that next perfect shot at Best Buy®.

Sometimes pictures can feel a little forced. Instead of asking everyone to say “cheese” and stare directly at the camera, try getting your subjects to look away and then back again to inspire genuine laughter. Pick out what you need for your photos and see more tips at Best Buy®.