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15 Of The Most Empowering Things Emma Watson Has Ever Said

I think feminism allows young people (not just girls) to aspire to dream big and become whatever you wish. Become President. Become a teacher. Be a mom. That's what's truly empowering.

Life coaching tools: "It's time to stop pretending that you're this average person. You've got big work to do. Big." Tiffany Han

No matter what your dream is, there is a universe in which it's already happening. Dwell there a bit each day.-Marianne Williamson~QuotesByTT

I wish living quotes was as easy as reading them. "If you don't have enough time, stop watching TV" Oh... so that's where time goes to die.

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Heather Stillufsen on

Never stop believing in your dreams... Have courage to live the life you want. Work hard, accept the challenges and build your castles... one by one... -Heather Stillufsen

The Muffin Topless Challenge Workout - after 7 months of full body workout every day, I'm going to be trying this workout plan for the month of July. Wish me luck!