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My wife sends me random texts all the time, so I took screenshots and compiled all of the good ones from the past year into one picture. Hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I did receiving them. Most of them anyways! - Imgur

I mean, this is a good one, but he doesn't need to get a big head about it. | The 30 Most Important Photobombs Of 2013

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I have avoided posting too many photos of myself in pretty much every state of my recovery and fitness journey. . Quite frankly I still have difficulty in accepting how I look. . When I was underweight I was afraid of posting pictures of me. . When I was gaining weight I was afraid. . When I have been at the highest weight I've ever been - now - I have also been afraid. . Parts of me have always doubted posting or exposing myself to a wider community using my face. . The funny thing is that…

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