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How to Make a Kindle Touch Harry Potter Case

How to DIY a Phone Case in Minutes With This AM Hack #partner

Make your own resin bottle cap pins. Plus a free printable with The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and more images to get you started.

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How to Make a Mini Hot Air Balloon Garland

This DIY hot air balloon garland is SO adorable. #partner

DIY gift idea ~ Kindle, Nook or iPad Cover from a Hardcover Book... It's totally no-sew and costs only a few dollars

touch and feel book - from a flikr album called "WRECK THIS JOURNAL". Lots of great ideas on how to make a special journal with pre-k. Just make it more appropriate for little ones.

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How to Make a Balloon Spongeguy Parody

New Snapguide-- How to make a spongeguy parody from balloons

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How to Make 米糕

Also called sticky rice. It's a traditional Taiwanese dish. We are going to be using some technology equipment to cook rice. If you don't have this one just cook rice has you know it. If you don't know how to, use the search bar on Snapguide.

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How to Make a Small Gift Bag From a Bottle Bag

Gifts of wine are often presented in a purpose built 'wine bag'... But what you need sometimes is a smaller gift bag for Jewellery, miniatures, etc. by Lyn Soussi.

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How to Make a Duct Tape Sheet

Lay down a piece of tape, sticky side up. Cut another piece, and put it, sticky side down, halfway down the first piece!. Fold up the bottom piece. Flip it over!!.