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I don't care if you say your ex-girlfriend is just a really good friend, she can still go fuck off!

I should apologize... To myself for allowing a fake, delusional, self-centered, bitch like you to get that close to me and for the bad karma I'm going to get for paying yours back personally;)..nah, I'm going to let karma take care of her

Hmm, mostly when talking with our children at times in their lives......Please don't ask for my advice when all you really want is for me to validate that the incredibly stupid decision you are about to make regardless of what I tell you, ok.

Sometimes I Get Stressed About Life & Work, & Than I Remember I'm Bad Ass Lady & Can Take on Anything & Kick It's Ass!!!

I am afraid most of my friends (and you know who you are) fall into this description since all of these apply to us.