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from Dinesh D'Souza

WND: Costco Removing D'Souza's "America" From Shelves

!!!!!!! WND: Costco removing D'Souza's "America" from shelves... CENSORSHIP alive well... (tsk_tsk)

Why Is Homeland Security Paying to Put Cities Under Surveillance?

from Dinesh D'Souza

America: Imagine The World Without Her

America: Imagine the world without her - Movie by Dinesh D'Souza (Creator of Obama's America: 2016). Opens in select theaters on July 2, 2014. The movie comes from a story not of a man, but of a nation at the crossroads of hope and disaster, whose destination will soon be decided.

Others are getting and spreading the message, Patriots! Keep up the good fight, everyone! Keep spreading the word. FORCE CONGRESS TO STOP THIS MADNESS !!

Costco, NYT, Google all systematically suppressing Dinesh D'Souza's bestselling book 'America'.Read more!.......The Communists are AFRAID of the TRUTH!!!

7/11/14 - The poor 'children' coming to America


Deplorable KevKid on

It's Time...

from Dinesh D'Souza

D'Souza Reacts to Costco Ban

Costco banning books? I prefer to my own decisions. Good bye, Costco.