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3 Booty Workouts By Ashley Horner

Make your booty shorts live up to their name with these three ultra-effective workouts from Ashley Horner!

5 Yoga Poses for a Bookshelf Booty

*goddess pose is killer!!! I've done this twice now, and I will keep doing it. Heidi likee. butt yoga

"Gain Muscle not Fat" Final Week & How to do Hamstring Curls

Hamstring Curls are one of the best exercises to target your hamstrings, glutes and entire core. @askdeniza

She Knows the Power of the Deadlift

Pin for Later: Learn All the Workouts Behind This Instagram Star's Amazing Butt Yeah, She "Even" Lifts, Too But does she even lift? Yes. Yes, she does. And it's paying off in spades.

Ashley Hoffmann's Surefire Strength Plan - Women's Workout Plan: How Ashley Hoffmann Trains For Strength. ... good that strength training is more popular for women, it is important. Please just don't put me to shame, though.

Kneeling Cable Kickbacks: one of the best exercises to activate the glutes and build a mind-muscle connection.