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The first Japanese to adopt elements of the Ivy League Look were a youth tribe called the Miyuki-zoku, who suddenly appeared in the summer of 1964. The group’s name came from their storefront loitering on Miyuki Street in the upscale Ginza shopping neighborhood (the suffix “zoku” means subculture or social group). The Miyuki-zoku were mostly in their late teens, a mix of guys and girls, likely numbering around 700 at the trend’s peak. Since they were students, they would arrive in Ginza…

Paul Poiret's Minaret tunic originated from dress inspired by harem pants underneath a flared tunic. | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Byzantine jewelry was highly ornate and intricate. Detail was a very important aspect of jewelry. However, since all things in this empire revolved around the Christianity, clothing articles, jewelry, and all other things were detailed with Christian symbols. Jewelry was made of gold, jewels, and pearls, etched with crosses, saints, and initials.