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On a previous post we learned how to train a machine learning classifier that is able to detect the different aspects mentioned on hotel reviews. With this aspect classifier, we were able to automatically know if a particular review was talking about cleanliness, comfort & facilities, food, Internet, location, staff and/or value for money. We also learned …

Machine Learning; Andrew Ng; "In this course, you'll learn about some of the most widely used and successful machine learning techniques. You'll have the opportunity to implement these algorithms yourself, and gain practice with them.

This book presents basic ideas of machine learning in a way that is easy to understand, by providing hands-on practical advice, using simple examples, and motivating students with discussions of inter

Due to the recent acquisition of DeepMind by Google for an estimated $500+ million, and the movement of some academic experts to high-profile tech giants, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the potential impact deep learning will have in the field of analytics. At FICO, we’re excited …

Fantastic learning resource on data mining, algorithms, and neural networks, by Dr. Saed Sayad (Univ. of Toronto)

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