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Never give up!

Giving up on a goal because of a setback is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat. cant give up on something you want so bad!

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Think big, dream bigger, expect miracles.

Unless you're a rhino who wants to be a unicorn. That's not giving up, that's refusing to bend to the pressure the media puts on rhinos to be more mythical. Never give up on your dreams .


Mind over matter! Focus harder than ever on your fitness goals this morning then push yourself to the finish line!

A car accident brought me back to the 'bad old days'... but now that I've started recovering my physical.... I Will Not Quit...

If I quit now I will be back where I started period period period and where I started was desperate to get to where I am now

I'm Possible

~Audrey Hepburn — This is just a great quote all the way around! Can be applied to so many different situations in my life working out, marriage, cancer.nothing is impossible. The word Itself says "I'm Possible". Love it!

Good to know

Physical Hunger vs Emotional Hunger - must think of this every time I'm hungry! And a great article too check it out! (from The Londoner: The Anti Diet)