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The peak in Hong Kong, China with a whole view of the city at dusk. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

St. Kitts island in the Caribbean on the left is the Atlantic ocean and then on the right is the Caribbean ocean. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

St. Kitts island with land touching both the Caribbean sea and the atlantic sea. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

Snorkeling in the Caribbean on Barbados island. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

A very high end chopstick store that sells very expensive chopsticks in Beijing, China. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.comv

A boats view of the Hong Kong waterfront at night. Hong Kong, China. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

A view of the mountainside from the Great Wall of China located in Beijing. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

A beach containing shallow waters located in Macau, China. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

A view of the elaborately decorated pagoda in Old Summer Palace. Beijing, China. anntardiffphotography.blogspot.com

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