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How to Talk to Your Kids About Dating

Rules for effective conversation to resolve conflict. Helpful teen parenting guide with tips for How to Talk to Your Kids about Dating | Parenting Advice | Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Teen Stress: What Parents Need to Know

Research shows teens feel even more stress than their parents. Here is how parents can help teens learn to manage stress.

You probably don't always agree with your daughter's choices—that's completely normal. If you do voice your opinion, use these guidelines to ensure you don't damage her body confidence. You may be surprised how a different approach can have a positive impact. For more self-esteem articles, activities, and advice—head to #SelfEsteemProject

Living With An ODD Child - Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Stop Negotiating with Your Teen: Strategies for Parenting your Angry Manipulative Moody or Depressed Adolescent

How To Teach Little Kids To Pray

HOW TO TEACH LITTLE ONES TO PRAY - Teaching little children to pray can actually be tricky! What do you say to God? How do you pray for others? This post has a three-step process that is SUPER SIMPLE to implement and remember. Tips for making a "family prayer ring" to pray for friends and family. A CREATIVE AND EASY memory device so kids can remember HOW to pray for others. Plus lots of humorous, grace-filled advice!

Fill your children with good thoughts before they go to bed. Ask them about their favorite part of the day, praise them for a good deed, pray with them, and tell them they’re the best gift God ever gave you. They’ll fall asleep feeling ten feet tall. -David Young #ALittleGuide