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You Know You're Married to a Girl Dad When

from Fun in First

Free Printables for Parents

I shared these last year as a Fan Freebie on my Facebook page, but I went ahead and threw them into my Teachers Pay Teachers store as a freebie.  This seems to be an easier way for some people to get the files.  I like to send these home during Parent-Teacher Conferences, but they are...Read More »

from Autism Parenting Magazine

The Ultimate New Guide to Autism Resources for Parents

Autism Resources for Parents - The Ultimate Guide. Read our editors top picks on the best articles, tools, solutions, websites and directories.

from Oaktree Counseling

ADHD Tips for Parents: Mom has ADHD, too.

ADHD Tips for Parents: What happens when Mom has ADHD, too? Well, it gets complicated. @OaktreeCounsel

from The Intentional Mom

How to Manage Your Strong Willed Child (and it starts with you

Are you wondering how to manage your strong willed child? I've got 2 strong willed kids and they've taught me a few things. Here's what's worked well for me over the past 10 years.

from Sarah Titus

15 Top Articles on How to Get Your Kids to Respect You

I like the idea of slowing things down. We are always such in a rush, rush, rush, and that can be hard on a little one. They could be acting out in a negative way and not even fully know why or how to deal with the emotions.

from Beauty in the Mess

How to Get your Kids to Listen Without Yelling

6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Listen without Yelling and encourage listening.

from The Huffington Post

How To Make Divorce Less Stressful For Your Kids

Parents should NEVER put their children in the middle of their problems or arguments with their Ex. Parents who do this to their children will soon find out the children will slowly but surely see straight thru their lies.

from Brit + Co

21 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts for Your Parents

This embroidered tie is such a sentimental gift to give your dad on your wedding day.

from Bounceback Parenting

Secret Mission - Slow Down

Parenting Secret Mission: Slow. Down. Case File: Parenting Ideas Do an ordinary task with your child at your child’s pace. Show peace. Show deliberate and careful. Children imitate both our actions and our moods. let’s give them a chance to feel unhurried. Sure, you know how to pour in ingredients and stir, you know how […]