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Speak Up and Get Along!: Learn the Mighty Might, Thought Chop, and More Tools to Make Friends, Stop Teasing, and Feel Good About Yourself: S...

How Do You Doodle? Drawing book divided up into different fun doodle activities such as name your feelings, what do you feel when, and how does it feel when to help readers start thinking about what they experience when they are feeling an emotion. How do You Doodle? can be used alone, or in association with a therapist or parent to help kids better realize and understand their emotional responses to situations, and to help promote better emotional health. A "Note to Parents" is included.

Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning About Empathy by Bob Sornson Ph.D. #books This book teaches young children the value of noticing how other people feel.

As the mom of a child with special needs, this book has helped me so much. Reading it made me feel like someone finally "gets it."

A Boy and a Jaguar - speaks to children who feel misunderstood - true story about Alan Rabinowitz, a wildlife conservationist who grew up with a stutter and his view on being different.

Leah's Voice is a story that touches on the difficulties children encounter when they meet a child with special needs such as autism. Children who have a brother or sister with special needs may find it difficult to explain to their friends, or feel disappointed when their friends aren't more understanding. Through her kindness and devotion, one sister teaches by example the importance of including everyone and showing acceptance.