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Civil War buffs know that ' the Confederate flag' waved today was never the official flag of the Confederate States of America. Description from I searched for this on

#merica Same thing with the Confederate flag. ;) If you are offended by any of my flags, go and look at your own. :)

Drunk, Wife-beating, Confederate Flag-waving, Anti-government, Open-carry Nut Fatally Shoots His Two Toddlers, threatens to kill leos, and shoots self. Sadly, he's still alive.

President Obama was greeted in Oklahoma City Wednesday night by people waving Confederate flags in a protest organized by Andrew Duncomb, a local black resident who insists the flag doesn't symbolize racism. (KFOR)

Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin join the confederate flag to remind Americans just where they stand on things like patriotism, America and race. Remember those eight Democrats that were arrested for protesting a lack of immigration reform? Why aren't these two pieces of human crap in the back of a squad car yet?.Traitors. Make it known.

Obama Met In Oklahoma By Protesters Waving Confederate Flags

People waving Confederate flags have greeted President Barack Obama as he arrived at his hotel in Oklahoma. As his motorcade rolled into Oklahoma City on Wednesday night, about 10 rebel flags were in the crowd, alongside some US flags.

African American Sheriff says "No Longer Can Blacks Claim Victim Status" Except As Victims Of Democrats - Eagle Rising