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Projector screen in front of flat panel tv.

from Foursquare

Hominy Grill

Combine rice, shrimp, stock, green bell pepper, and celery in one big pot and you get a deeply flavorful South Carolina specialty known as Charleston Shrimp Perloo.

then we're not doing what I thought we were doing here.....

4. Favorite Quote: ☝I guess we all have this feeling sometimes and the best medicine is watching Breakfast at Tiffany's! What are you doing if you don't feel very well? | #AudreyHepburn #BreakfastAtTiffanys

Central Perk, set, from the tv show Friends

Green Acres was set in Hooterville. In Green Acres, Oliver Wendell Douglas was a lawyer, who decided to get close to nature and buy a 160-acre run down farm in the Hooterville Along with him, came his extravagant wife, Lisa, who wanted nothing to do with farm life, she preferred living in New York.

In the 70s, test patterns played all night because TV stopped broadcasting for a few hours after midnight or 1am.

mistresses tv show 2013 | Watching: Mistresses, New TV Show

Friends #151 - "VIVA LAS GAYGAS!" Now this might be the best episode when they do the trivia game!