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This is a perfect piece of art for a class auction project! Each tile is unique to the child, but it is cleverly tied together using the outline beads and the color of the mosaics..

I like the idea of the kids decorating a piece (like the suns) that can be placed into the mosaic. I also like the mosaice pieces placed into this.

7th grade class project. Kids wrote a quote that inspired them on a blank yardstick. Yardsticks were cut, stained, and glued to a framed mirror I purchased at TJMaxx Home Goods. Called the Mirror of Inspiration.

An unfinished wooden bookshelf was painted white. The top, sides, and front of each shelf were decorated with pictures of animals drawn by the children. The animals were cut out and glued to the bookshelf with several coats of sealant. The shelf was created by a 1st grade class and sold for $500.

Such a cute idea to make the fire-pit personalized! I'm thinking a tile for each house the fire-pit has moved too! ;-)