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CHICAGO - Anyone?, WASH. DC- Anyone? NEW YORK CITY - Anyone? Do anti-gun politicians really think making us helpless will reduce crime? Are they really that dumb? Or do they think WE are?!

This made me laugh so much, because this is seriously what liberals believe criminals will do! #liberallogic #pro2A #antiguncontrol

I'm almost for certain everyone can agree with this picture. What can stop violence? Believe it or not,violence used against violence stops it. War is the prime example, stopping communists, searching for a known terrorist etc

10 HUGE companies that publicly support gun control ---->> I don't know about you, but I think I'll shop the competition!

Now, seriously, what sign do you want outside the school where you drop off your babies??? I know how I want my most valuable people kids are as important as Obama's kids. Are yours??

This is what I keep saying... Instead of gryping over the very thing that is dividing us..Lets take that energy, pull together, and illiminate the real enemy at hand, the people in government. Our freedom was paid at a price, if we choose to allow them to take away the qualities that built this Country little by little we will be paying a much higher price, people. You say it's about guns, the government? It's always been more. SO STOP BUYING INTO THE BS THEY'RE FEEDING YOU. And think for…

Chicago...most stringent gun control laws in the USA, while the highest record of murders.