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What the eskimo asked the priest after hearing about God, sin and hell .

Australian aborigines on earth long before god created ...Someone put hipster glasses on him! :) 'walking the earth before it was even cool'

Australian aborigines on earth long before god supposedly "created" it.

I find this fascinating icons are dangerous but it doesn't matter who is pictured it is the idolatry that is the problem

This so-called picture of "Jesus" is actually Caesar Borgia. (Another white supremacy "jedi mind trick") GAME OVER!

I see so much food go to waste every holiday feast. Kills me every time.

Children starve to death every day.but keep saying magic words over your food and thanking a God for personally feeding "you".


A beautiful and interactive resource to explore Bible contradictions, cruelty and other negative aspects of the Bible

For all the self righteous people out there... This one is for you!

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Satan, The Devil. Because without a scapegoat you might have to take personal responsibility for your own actions.