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If The Last Stand sounds like an action movie only a director with a messed up sense of American geography and politics would direct, you would be right. Korean director Ji-Woon Kim of the brutal suspense thriller I Saw the Devil is responsible for this un-ironic action piece. In the trailer you can hear that Arnie’s Austro-American accent has gotten only more authentic.

Must see: doc following IS 318, a middle-school of blue-collar kids who just happen to be chess whizzes

Cloud Atlas: racist, or understandably so?

Galaxy S5 official Unpacked 5 Event video Teaser is unveiled by Samsung. And this Samsung Galaxy S5 video hints the phone to be a waterproof as Galaxy S5 is happy when wet is tagged by Samsung in the video teaser.

My vote for best Super Bowl Ad is this Ferris Bueller parody. It is everything you feared and hoped Ferris would never become.