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I think it'll be more like: Chaol: Dorian, you're DATING A WITCH??? I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THE FEROCIUS ASSASSIN AND YOU GO ON AND GET ON A RELATIONSHIP WITH A WITCH???? You want to kill me, right? It's that what's this is about?

Haha we all know he's upset about it I saw on the news before they cut him off how he was like well a good percentage didn't vote and this is what happens when ya don't vote etc. I rather have had neither

The flames within will warm you and light your way... endlessly... xo


In great danger.

What about instead of this you're on a mission to kill someone else's tree? Or you accidentally kill the wrong tree and it turns out to be your soul mates or something like that...

Taurus kisses like they're telling you how they feel/think about you at that moment.

My top three favorites: 1. What I love most about our class is how caring everyone is. 2. I love that our class likes to have fun and we also work hard. 3. What I love about our class is that we always laugh and make school fun. I could cry. #bestpeopleintheworld

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What I like about you Plaid Flannel Top: Peach

What I like about you Plaid Flannel top in peach can be worn as long sleeves or a 3/4 top. It is so very soft and comfy! This is a soft stretchy awesome material! ***This one new one is same print but

| qotd: what's one thing that you like about yourself? it doesn't just have to be appearance >> I like my eyes. Even though I'm Asian, I have round eyes and double eyelids.

Tim: I'm Tim Fleming. I'm Georgie's grandfather. Amy: I'm Amy, her aunt. Tim: We actually happen to know a little something about coaching. Amy: The tail drag, I believe it's too advanced for these girls. Natalie: What's wrong with challenging my team? Tim: You can't put their safety at risk. I have a rodeo school. Natalie: Are you kidding me?! You're here to talk to me about safety?! Old rodeo cowboy like you wouldn't know anything about ego, right? (10x08)