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I look forward to the turn of a New Year for all of the quintessential reasons. It always brings about a clean slate, a fresh start, and a moment of reflection – one that begs you to take the time to think back to what was, and improve on what’s to come. 2016 was a great year in the design world, and while many of my predictions (which you can read about here) still ring true, I’m excited to share what’s next, at least as far as I’m concerned. Following are my favourite design trends for…

1) they've been around for long enough to know better, my great grandparents weren't racist for instance despite being born in the 20s 2) so teach them that's wrong 3) THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE

It's all about getting your fitness routine on lockdown. :lock: You only get out of what you put in!

He's done it again guys. Rick is gonna ruin our lives again. How can we have overlooked this?


13 Free Things To Do In Singapore We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Okay i didnt know about this. I saw this today and was like WTF, so I took a screenshot to show you guys, please tell me what you think. ~Ariaa

half the yoi fandom ran away to Killing Stalking... - ユリ!! Lmao! It's true tho