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from Pet Zone Tropical Fish - San Diego, California

Red Rili Shrimp

Red Rili Shrimp (Neocaridina heteropoda - var. Rili) The Red Rili Shrimp is a selectively bred strain/variant of the Red Cherry Shrimp. These dwarf shrimp are very active and hardy aquatic pets. As long as the water parameters are good and clean, they

Pod wodą wszytko wygląda bajkowo. Zanurz się więc w głębi smaku #czarnej #herbaty #Big-Active i sprawdź, jak bardzo magiczny potrafi być świat wokół Ciebie

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KUHLI LOACH: 4 inches; prefer planted tanks with sandy substrate; best kept in groups of 3 or more; shy and peaceful; most active in evenings and at night; tank-mates- cherry barbs, neon tetra, scarlet badis. Tags: aquarium, odd, tropical, pet, fish.

Bettas are beautiful but did you know they're happier in a small aquarium (they make 2.5 gallon ones!) with a that environment they're active and happy, not slumped and sad like in tiny containers.