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9 Enjoyable Ways to do Things Alone [infographic] NOVEMBER 9, 2014 |  BY TIM

I've only started to enjoy alone time these last couple of years. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I always felt weird about being without friends in a social setting. Like the strangers there would judge me for being alone. Recently I've thro

The best possible scenario...

I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn - Albert Einstein

Kerisey's Music Taste based on the four temperaments - I'm an INTP and I find this to be quite accurate and interesting.

personality types and music preferences. I am a concert pianist. Started piano at 3 yrs. I am an ESTJ with ESFJ tendencies.

Words of wisdom

A list of 100 Wise Words. It's a long list, but it is worth the read.

Saints to pray to for recovering from spiritual delusion and mental illness - very interesting article - http://oprelesti.ru/index.php/to-which-saints-to-pray-to-be-cured-from-delusion (icon: Holy GreatMartyr and Unmercenary Healer Panteleimon)

wonderful icon of Saint Panteleimon the Physician (link for story) Healing saint

2016: "Terpenes are capable of reducing undesirable effects while enhancing others."--sclabs.

Skunky, fruity, floral, the bouquet of smells associated with cannabis can be highly diverse and varied from cultivar to cultivar. This diversity comes from the fragrant molecules found in cannabis called terpenes. There are over a hundred different terpe

Exercising regularly, reading and video games can help increase your logic skills as well as keep your moods at bay. | THE UT.LAB | Loves Innovative Ideas *

Best Fitness Watch for Women who Want to Crush their Goals!

Starting any new hobby will have positive benefits in some way. Today's infographic focuses on five of the most common hobbies, but almost anything will get your brain moving.

Cool Things For Think About

This Is How Your Mind Works

Funny pictures about This Is How Your Mind Works. Oh, and cool pics about This Is How Your Mind Works. Also, This Is How Your Mind Works photos.

A new era of copyright consciousness

8 infographics about public domain and copyright

Educational infographic & data visualisation Copyright Flowchart: Can I Use It? Then. Infographic Description Copyright Flowchart: Ca