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Are We Helping or Hindering the Message of the Gospel in Other's Ears? - “The Name Quest” by John Avery, Pg 189 “God answers all those who call on Him in simple faith, even if their faith derives from what someone else has told them.” - Click through to read what this statement got me musing about tonight. . .

Review of The Name Quest, by John Avery - John does an amazing job of displaying the commonality behind many terms before they were applied to God, and the drastically changed understandings that developed after their application to God. This lends a more human view to the people, places and situations found in Scripture as they learned of God and grew in their faith-walk with Him. - Click through to read more. . .


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Jesus died for you, knowing you might never love Him back. Admit to God you are a sinner. Believe that Jesus is God's Son. Confess your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Read/study your Bible. Live every day for Jesus Christ. God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross to forgive you where you have sinned and went against God. We learn that in John 3:16. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!:) Heaven or hell. I believe this is where the two choices of eternity are. God bless❤️

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A Changed Heart

God loves you where you are but too much to leave you there. He changes hearts but how do you know if you have a heart changed by God? This will help...

God allows things to happen for a reason. Why does it take me so long to realize that God is in control? Shame on me for not turning to Him first. My children are watching how I handle situations and what better way to handle them but to give them to God.

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Christian Inspirational Wall Decal Quote Vinyl Lettering - Faith is Not Knowing What the Future Holds 20H X 28W Qt0050

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