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5 Facts about Copyrights

How do you copyright your book? Do you have to register for a copyright? What’s a “poor man’s copyright?” Authors tend to have many questions and misconceptions about copyrights, and understandably so; after all, most of us are writers, not lawyers.

from AuthorHouse Book Publishing

How to be a Successful Self-Publishing Author?

How to be a Successful Self-Publishing Author? Being a writer is not easy, but being a self-publishing author presents its own challenges (and rewards.) Here are eight tips for a successful self-publishing experience.

For those who have a difficult time with a journal - to start an entry it's okay to wright the same thing over and over and over again or a list of what you did that day, it will spark other thoughts. #quote #exercisethewritingmuscle #coolquote

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5 Book Cover Design Tips

When we talk about how to self publish a book, we tend to focus on the words, sentences, and story—and rightly so! But all of that work can be quickly undone by having an ineffective book cover. With that in mind, the AuthorHouse Self-Publishing Company would like to present five book cover design tips that will help grab a reader’s attention. So without further delay, we present…