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Coverage, is a deceptively powerful and timely piece by Stephanie Harfmann of Milwaukee, WI.. Some of the text on here piece includes these words. "Covered charges for covered medical serices incured in wholel or in part because of, or any complications related to the underlying causes of abnormal cervical cyt. Cytology tissue are subject to a separate deductable in the amount of $7,000 each calendar year..."

This powerful three-dimensional piece is entitled "Protected Chrysalis." It was created by artist, Sherri Cornett of Billings, MT. Sherri is one of a group of artists from Billings who worked together to send us an amazing array of fabulous pieces. Sherri is also the Chair of the International Caucus of the Women's Caucus for Art (

Artist Tiffany L Pascal of Grand Forks, Nebraska send this fierce and fabulous piece that could be a study for a graphic novel (I'd buy it). Her texts include such phrases as "You know you live with a strong woman when you walk in the bathroom and see her vibrator lying on the sink." "Just because I'm a Muslim woman doesn't mean I don't like vaginas."

Artist Candace Forrette has created this absolutely delightful piece entitled 'Put on Your Best Panties," and included the additional text "Start Marching" and "Protect your rights." (and,Yes, she is from Billings, Montana too).

'Interwoven' was created by Phoebe Saunders of Madison, WI. Phoebe is a fiber artist and lead designer at Absolutely Art in Madison, WI. All materials have been sourced from Absolutely Art Re-Art Swap.

Artist Amy Bethel lives in Madison, WI. Her uterus overlays an internationally recognized warning sign which is, itself, overlaid with texts which includes phrases such as "Unauthorized reproduction may be illegal. Does not cause mental retardation or mental illness. Not intended as a penis substitute. Do not avoid contact with legislators. Act now, this opportunity may be withdrawn at any time. Comes complete with clitoris (not pictured). This unit is self-cleaning." This is a must…

Angela Richardson, Madison, WI artist created this beautiful Dark Uterus. Here it is a little lighter than the original so you can see the stitching. You will have to come to the actual exhibition to see it in the correct light, and while there you can see a larger installation by Angela, who has been asked to be one of the four artists who will share the gallery with the Exquisite Uterus: Art of Resistance Project.