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Chubby girls cuddle better, my papa bear need this shirt !

double standards... if a skinny girl likes food and talks about it a lot, she is a revolutionary and everybody asks how she stays in shape. If a chubby girl likes food, she gets attacked and harassed and laughed at and stared at.

Why is it cute when a skinny girl eats a lot but it’s disgusting when a fat girl do exactly same thing. It’s never healthy to eat like that even if you’re skinny!

'Plus Size' or 'Skinny Size' - it does not matter. The media need to get a grip. We should all learn to love ourselves and be happy.

Fuck the dictated standards set by society in regards to what/whom is considered to be "conventionally" beautiful.Plus size women, Curvy Ladies,BBW,Thick,etc.You are ALL .

Chubby girls cuddle better

10 Reasons I'm Proud To Be A Curvy Girl

Chubby girls cuddle better, my papa bear need this shirt !

I am lovable...

From Amy Schumer to Ronda Rousey, these bad b*tches are all about self-love

According to one of my friends, I am the cute one with chubby cheeks and messy hair that warmth emits from.

I'm the last one.chubby cheeks and messy hair!<<<dark pretty for me!

Chubby girls cuddle better! I got to find this!

Chubby girls cuddle better is Fact. From the thickness in her thighs to the juicy curves 'pon her back.

Fat girl problems

I try to avoid things that make me fat, like scales, mirrors, and photographs. Haha so true

What a cute burn, haha.                                                                                                                                                      More

PINNING THIS FOREVER Guys like all women, big girls dont forget it! And skinny girls, dont think you wont loose ur man to a thick girl. The sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence. All i need now is some confidence ;