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London : INAT metro maps

London : INAT metro maps


Simplified Subway Maps

This Architect Has Painstakingly Standardized the World's Subway Maps - Jenny Xie - The Atlantic Cities

Cheese map of Britain from Juliet Harbutt's "The World Cheese Book"

Cheese map of Britain from Juliet Harbutt's "The World Cheese Book" ♡ fromage ♡ cheese ♡ Käse ♡ formatge ♡ 奶酪 ♡ 치즈 ♡ ost ♡ queso ♡ τυρί ♡ formaggio ♡ チーズ ♡ kaas ♡ ser ♡ queijo ♡ сыр ♡ sýr ♡ קעז

Judgmental map of London

When it comes to cities, maps don’t really tell you the whole story. Yes, the roads are marked out, yes there’s sometimes a post office or a pub on there, but sometimes you want to know what locals really think of an area.

Alternative London Tube Map: Circles Within Circles

reworked London underground map from Jonathan Fisher (bears even less resemblance to actual geography in some places than the current Tube map, but very cool design)

Cheese-Infog-PNG.png (1181×2658)

Infographic with a British cheese map showing the origins of British cheeses

I think this info is interesting also for those who love New York, the language is part of the atmosphere.

How Does London Vocabulary Compare With US English?

You sound like you’re from London: British English versus American English