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Depressed - I just wanted you to know when you`re feeling down and need someone I`m always here for you, only on Facebook though. Don`t call me or come to my house with that bullshit.

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67 Inspirational And Motivational Quotes You're Going To Love


If every woman in the world woke up tomorrow and decided that she loved herself and loved her body just the way it is, how many industries would go out of business?

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head, to Sit down and shut up.

Dr. King is such an inspiration. Whenever I'm feeling down or discouraged by the overwhelming amount of injustice we face in this movement, I read some of his quotes and it gives me the drive and courage to keep speaking up. I am not sure if Dr. King himself experimented with vegetarianism/veganism but his widow Coretta Scott King and his son Dexter King were/are both long time vegans, as they believed that animal rights was the next logical extension of Dr. King's philosophy of…


12 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from The Military Miniaturization (10x02)

Retinal Scanner: Access denied. Sheldon and Leonard: It knows! Howard Wolowitz: Oh, oh, oh, oh, guys, hold me upside down! Retinal Scanner: Howard Wolowitz, access granted. All three together (Sheldon, Leonard and Howard): Yay!

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50 Great Inspirational And Motivational Quotes Of The Day

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I will never tell my child "stop that crying " - tears cleanse the soul

"And sometimes I just need to be alone,so I can cry without being judged, so I can think without being interrupted, so I don't bring anyone else down with me"

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How to Use a Bullet Journal for Time Management

21 awesome gratitude and thankful lists to include in your bullet journal to…